12 Signs That You're A Runner

I’m three weeks away from my first ever marathon. I’m nervous, yet really excited.

During the past couple weeks of training, it occurred to me I’ve picked up some weird habits since I first started running over a year ago. I’ve never considered myself a runner, but a second look at these actions make me wonder if I’ve finally crossed that line.

What were the signs that let you know you were finally a runner? Here is my list:

  1. You immediately plan which days you’re going to run when looking at the weather forecast. You start checking the weather report hourly instead of daily. Precipitation, wind speeds, cloud cover, and UV index are closely monitored.

  2. Carbs are your new favorite food group.

  3. You spend more time researching running routes than local restaurants when traveling to a new city.

  4. You can recite your 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, and Full Marathon PR down to the exact second. What you did at work yesterday, however, draws a blank.

  5. You used to think runners were “crazy” while driving pass them in your car. Now you slow down to A) analyze their foot strike and form B) check out what shoes and other gear they’re wearing and C) stare longingly, wishing you could be running with them.

  6. You know the mileage (yes, mileage) on your running shoes.

alex shoe mileage It’s been a wonderful 8 months Pure Drifts

  1. Your long runs become so long, you have to check two parts of the weather forecast. The conditions when you start.. and the conditions when you expect to finish.

  2. When it’s 42 degrees outside and you think to yourself, “Dang this is some nice tank-top and shorts weather”.

  3. It makes your day when someone wants to talk to you about running. GUs, carbo-loading, pace and taper strategies, hills and tempos, running shoes, what to wear, pronation, GPS watches, chafing..

  4. Your definition of “appropriate style in public” changes. As in, you don’t mind your shorts are 3-4 inches shorter than before. Headbands and hydration belts don’t look so weird anymore. And for the guys, you secretly look forward to opportunities to wear your running tights.

  5. You have drawers in your house which look like this:

alex gu drawer My top dresser drawer, yum

  1. You finish a run, double-over, gasping for air. People passing by don’t comprehend why you voluntary do this to yourself. Yet, you can’t help smiling how great this is. That’s when you know.

Bonus Comments

I shared this list on the Runner’s World forum and received some great (and funny) responses. Here are some bonus ones which I can relate to:

@Patti678 - When I started making excuses to run instead of not to – Ex. No clean running clothes? That’s ok. I’ll dig dirty ones out of the hamper and wear them again.

@Texastrotter - You don’t think paying $150 for running shoes is too much. Also, you get up at 4:00 or 5:00 to run, but hate to get up early.

@SamuelPagliarini - You’re too lazy to do the math when someone gives you change on something you bought. When it comes to paces, distances, and projections you are like the new Kasparov.