Keeping A Github Fork Updated

I still find myself having to look up how to update my forked Github repositories so I’m creating a quick post for future use. The steps below are what I use to keep the code I’ve forked current with its original repository.

Setting up the Clone

If you haven’t cloned your forked repository yet, do so with:

git clone

cd bootstrap

In the commands above, “alexle” and “bootstrap” should be replaced with your Github name and the name of your fork, respectively.

Configuring the Upstream

Add another remote repository, one that points to the original repository. It can be any name you choose; I always name mine “upstream” to stay consistent.

git remote add upstream git://

Your remote repositories can be viewed with “git remote -v”. Note there should already be an “origin” remote target in your fork.

Updating the Fork

To pull changes from the main repository into your forked repository:

git fetch upstream

git merge upstream/master

git push

And voila! This brings your repo up-to-date.