Repost: Farewell Blogger

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When I created this blog in 2007, it wasn’t with the intention to share my thoughts or write about anything interesting.

It was just to have a “presence” on the web, to stake out and declare a piece of the web for myself. However, as the number of interesting blog articles I came across rose, I slowly realized the importance of having a personal blog in this day and age. A blog can build credibility, allow you to network with clients and others in your industry, and give you an opportunity to showcase your skills, knowledge, or expertise in a subject matter.

Thus, I made it a goal near the end of 2010 to write more frequently. It sounds simple enough, but writing is hard for me. My first attempts were either short, succinct sentences or a couple paragraphs which took 3-4 days to write. I’ve stuck with it and feel a small improvement in every article I write.

I hope to write more and continue this trend. While Blogger has an easy to use interface, nice statistics, RSS feeds, comments.. basically the whole she-bang out of the box, there are a couple quirks which rub me the wrong way. I’ll be going into detail the reasons for my migration away from Blogger in another post, but for now I’ve decided to go another direction.

You can find me at See you there!