5 Hour Radiator Replacement

I was driving home from work the other day when I noticed my car’s heat gauge slowly past the 50% mark. This odd behavior was more alarming due to the puddles of liquid seen beneath my engine recently. And to the check engine light which had been on for over 5 weeks..

Turns out my radiator had a leak. I watched a youtube video called 10 Minute Radiator Replacement (Most Cars) and thought to myself, “That doesn’t look too hard..”

A couple hours later, that thought was replaced with “What were you thinking Alex”. I got some help from an old friend and was able to finish around the 5 hour mark. It takes most auto shops 30min to replace a radiator. My back hurts and my hands are scuffed up, but overall it was a satisfying and good learning experience.

acura car new radiator Old radiator, sorry I did not take better care of you

acura car new radiator transfer Transferring hoses from old radiator to new radiator

acura car new radiator put together Bam! The new radiator ready to go to its new home

acura car new radiator before installation One last look before installation